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“I Remain Committed to Sponsoring Mmesoma Ejikeme”: Wealthy Nigerian Individual Maintains Lucrative Proposal for Young Lady Involved in JAMB Result Forgery



A Nigerian millionaire and crypto investor, popularly known as BitcoinChief, has said that despite the new findings on Mmesoma Ejike’s JAMB result, his offer of a scholarship to her still stands. The man ins tweet said that even Nigeria celebrate and choose corrupt leaders with forged certificate. BitcoinChief said that he would call Mmesoma and talk to her. He added that he would let her know that one’s JAMB score does not define their future or how they would turn out. In an earlier tweet, he said he would sponsor the girl to US, UK or Canada. The crypto millionaire said there are many bad examples in the country that the teenager copied from, and those people need to be dealt with first. In his words

See his post below:

compiled some of the reactions below:

@samuel_stephenc said: “This is why I love you unconditionally boss, you inspire me with your uprightness and your generosity. Thank you.”

@IMCharlesOmeje said: “Amazing. Chukwu gozie Chief for the second chance as she’s still tender. I’m hopeful she will learn to live the right way from this time.” bechiny said: “I believe in punishing an offender and not give mercy or reward. This’s the only way sane counties are able to achieve and maintain law and order.

Judges in sane countries have had to sentence their family member to jail cos the law applies to everyone equally. Nig needs this.”

@eduhandsome_ said: “God bless you bruh. We the Anämbra Royals are entirely grateful for this love and support towards mmesoma Ejikeme.

Chukwu Gozie gi nnam.” Meanwhile, earlier reported that Innoson Vehicles withdrew the N3 million scholarship given to Joy Mmesoma Ejikeme.

This was after the Anambra committee of inquiry uncovered that her JAMB result was forged. The withdrawal was contained in a statement shared by the company’s Head of Corporate Communications & Affairs manager, Cornel Osigwe.

In other news, a public figure and a philathropist, Harrison Gwamnishu, made a short Instagram video pleading with Nigerians to take it easy on Ejikeme Mmesoma. The man said he received an urgent call from the girl crying, intending to harm herself over the issue of the forgery as she could not face the shame.


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Actor Kanayo O Kanayo Warns Parents: “You Won’t Live Long” If You Accept Expensive Gifts from Children Without Questioning Their Source



Actor Kanayo O Kanayo Warns Parents: “You Won’t Live Long” If You Accept Expensive Gifts from Children Without Questioning Their Source

During a recent gathering, actor Kanayo O Kanayo cautioned parents against accepting expensive gifts from their children without probing into their sources. He emphasized that failing to question such gestures could lead to dire consequences, stating examples of children who don’t work yet present costly items. Kanayo stressed the importance of parents being vigilant and not turning a blind eye to potentially suspicious behavior from their children.

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Shallipopi proudly graduates with a computer science degree from Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State



Nigerian artist Crown Uzama, professionally known as Shallipopi, achieved widespread acclaim across social media platforms following his graduation from Auchi Polytechnic in Edo State, where he successfully earned a degree in Computer Science. This marked a significant milestone in the career of the rapper, singer, and songwriter, who has been making waves in the Nigerian music industry with his notable songs.

Captured in a celebratory moment among friends, Shallipopi was seen donning a white top on the day of his graduation, exclaiming in a video, “We’re out of here, I’m not coming to school again.” This declaration resonated online, triggering a surge of well-wishers who flooded the comment section to extend their heartfelt congratulations.

The online community expressed their joy, with @LordMoe9ja hailing Shallipopi as the “Pluto presido of the plutomania” who has now officially become a graduate. @flizzyyoung428 playfully speculated on the newfound appeal Shallipopi might have among admirers, suggesting that his status as a graduate could attract more attention. @i_musharof humorously noted the prevalence of computer science among “yahoo boys,” referencing the common stereotype associated with certain individuals engaged in fraudulent activities.

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@ChukwubuikemCh1 acknowledged Shallipopi’s journey, emphasizing that the artist has overcome challenges and truly deserves the positive developments coming his way. @segunizzy provided a lighthearted perspective on Shallipopi’s transition from a computer scientist to a musician, highlighting the commonality of “adding” in both fields, whether it be through code or words.

Amid the congratulatory messages, @official_adags raised a cautionary note, urging others not to dismiss the value of education, reminding them not to fall into the trap of considering school a scam simply because some individuals proclaim it after obtaining their certificates. The diverse reactions showcased the dynamic discourse surrounding Shallipopi’s academic achievement within the online community.


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Tragedy at UNIPORT: 200-level Accounting student, Adaeze, found dead in her room. Raises urgent concerns about student safety.



A somber atmosphere envelops the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) as the community grapples with the untimely demise of one of its own. The tragic incident unfolded in Aluu, a community proximate to the university, where the lifeless body of a 200-level Accounting student named Adaeze was discovered in her off-campus apartment.

Adaeze, a promising undergraduate, became the center of a distressing narrative, reminiscent of the recent unfortunate events within the university. Just a fortnight prior, the campus mourned the loss of another student, Justina Otuene, a 300-level Biochemistry student, whose life was allegedly cut short by her boyfriend, Damian. The shocking discovery occurred in Damian’s residence along NTA Road, Ozuoba, in the Obio/Akpor Local Government Area.

The circumstances surrounding Adaeze’s demise raise concerns about the safety and well-being of students living off-campus. According to sources, her lifeless body was found in her Aluu apartment, prompting the university community to confront the unsettling reality of yet another loss. Adaeze’s identity, a 200-level undergraduate in the Accounting department, underscores the poignant disruption of a promising academic journey.

In response to the incident, Prof. Chima Wokocha, the Dean of Student Affairs at UNIPORT, provided insights into the unfolding tragedy. He revealed that Adaeze’s neighbors discovered her lifeless body and promptly transported it to the Chief Lulu-Briggs Health Centre, located within the university premises. This act of solidarity within the student community highlights the impact such events have on those who share the same academic and residential spaces.

Prof. Wokocha, accompanied by the police and university officials, visited the scene of the incident. He shared details about the circumstances surrounding Adaeze’s passing, indicating the presence of a substance beside her. The Dean acknowledged that she may have consumed the substance, shedding light on a potential aspect of the tragic narrative.

Beyond the immediate response, the university management has engaged with the local authorities to investigate the incident thoroughly. The police’s involvement in examining the scene underscores the commitment to unraveling the circumstances leading to Adaeze’s demise.

In the broader context, the recent spate of distressing events raises questions about the safety and welfare mechanisms in place for students, particularly those residing off-campus. As the university community mourns the loss of Adaeze, the administration faces the pressing task of addressing concerns surrounding student safety and well-being to prevent such tragic incidents in the future. The grieving process extends beyond the campus, reaching into the hearts of Adaeze’s family and friends, who are now tasked with making arrangements for her final farewell.

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