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In a powerful statement, Rice delivers a message to Manchester City in the context of the English Premier League (EPL).



Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice issues a warning to Manchester City, emphasizing the Gunners’ commitment to putting in ‘full effort’ in their upcoming Premier League clash on Sunday. Rice conveyed this message in the aftermath of Arsenal’s 2-1 loss to Lens in the Champions League on Tuesday.

Speaking at his post-match interview after the Champions League tie with Lens, Rice stated, “We are 10 games into the season, another 50 to go. We are just warming up and getting into our rhythm, but our full focus turns back to the league, and it’s a massive game on Sunday.”

Highlighting the significance of the upcoming match against Manchester City, the England international affirmed, “Every game is huge, and Man City is obviously a massive game. It is one we are going to be up for, for sure.”

Reflecting on a previous encounter with City in the Community Shield earlier in the season, Rice expressed confidence: “We played them earlier in the season, which is a good thing. We will give it absolutely everything on Sunday. For 90 minutes, we will be going at it, and hopefully, we come out on top.”

Addressing the recent loss to Lens, Rice acknowledged, “We absolutely dominated [Lens] in terms of the ball, but both boxes were key. They scored two great goals, and we couldn’t break down their back five.” Arsenal’s midfielder emphasizes resilience and determination as they refocus on league action against a formidable opponent.


This is what really happens if you leave your phone on during a flight



When we board a plane, it’s often a scramble to turn off our phones’ Wi-Fi for ‘safety reasons,’ but what’s the real issue?

Flying comes with well-known safety protocols: seatbelt on, no standing during takeoff and landing. But why the rush to power down our devices?

EasyJet pilot Chris Foster shed light on the importance of ‘airplane mode,’ calling the rule outdated. He explained, “Modern aircraft control systems wouldn’t be affected.”

He emphasized that regulations stem from a pre-iPad era and are gradually relaxing. “You can now use devices in flight safety mode,” he added.

There are reasons airlines ask for phones to be turned off. The Civil Aviation Authority noted that some carriers allow device use but only after safety tests ensure no interference.

Before you zone out on your next flight, note that policies vary by airline. Passengers are always briefed by cabin crew on device usage.

Turning off phones isn’t just about safety; it’s also to prevent cell tower overload, especially at low altitudes. In the US, passengers can face fines for failing to comply.

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AJ Vs Ngannou: ‘Ur ticket don cut’- Davido mocks Drake after losing $615,000 bet



Nigerian Afrobeats sensation, Davido, couldn’t resist teasing Canadian rapper Drake after the latter lost a staggering $615,000 on a bet placed on the Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou fight. Despite Drake’s high hopes for Ngannou, Joshua emerged victorious with a brutal knockout in the second round of the heavyweight bout held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Davido playfully jabbed at Drake’s misfortune by quipping, “Ur ticket don cut,

” in response to Drake’s earlier betting slip posted on Instagram. This isn’t the first time Drake has dabbled in high-stakes betting, as he famously won $2.7 million after wagering on Nigerian fighter Israel Adesanya at UFC 287 in March 2023.

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“Côte D’Ivoire’s 2023 AFCON Victory Sparks Street Celebrations”



Thousands gathered in joyous celebration across Côte D’Ivoire to honor their national football team’s remarkable victory in the 2023 African Cup of Nations (AFCON).

Despite initial setbacks, including a coaching change, the team’s resilience led them to triumph in a thrilling final against Nigeria.

The streets overflowed with exuberant energy as fans reveled in the well-deserved success of their football heroes, showcasing the nation’s unwavering support and triumphant spirit.

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