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Political officials offer their condolences for Johari’s passing in the Elmina plane crash.

Amidst the backdrop of sorrow and disbelief, heartfelt condolences have been extended by colleagues and even rivals for the untimely demise of Datuk Seri Johari Harun, a prominent member of the Pahang State Executive Council, who tragically lost his life in the Elmina plane crash.



Amidst the backdrop of sorrow and disbelief, heartfelt condolences have been extended by colleagues and even rivals for the untimely demise of Datuk Seri Johari Harun, a prominent member of the Pahang State Executive Council, who tragically lost his life in the Elmina plane crash.

The news of his passing has sent shockwaves through the political landscape, leaving Pahang State Assembly Deputy Speaker Lee Chin Chen in a state of disbelief. Just a few days prior, he had engaged in a meeting with Johari during a district action gathering, and the news struck particularly hard given the recency of their interaction. Reflecting on Johari’s unwavering dedication to his responsibilities, Lee recalled how Johari’s strong resolve and efficient approach led to the successful resolution of numerous issues under his watch.

In a poignant Facebook post, Lee shared, “Today, I also sent him a WhatsApp message about several matters, but unfortunately I won’t get an answer because he had left us all.” The suddenness of Johari’s departure has left a void that words struggle to fill.

Pahang MCA Youth chief Wong Siew Mun, too, expressed deep sorrow over the loss of Johari, describing him as a leader who embodied approachability and diligence. Wong often turned to him for guidance on issues related to Bentong, and the void left by his absence is felt acutely by the local populace. She extended her condolences to his family, hoping that they would find the strength to navigate this profound trial.

Fadzli Mohamad Kamal, a fellow member of the State Executive Council, paid tribute to Johari’s admirable qualities as both a colleague and a leader. Fadzli admired his persistence, commitment, and unwavering focus on the task at hand. As the chairman of various committees, Johari exhibited an unparalleled dedication that enriched the state of Pahang and the lives of its citizens.

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Pahang PAS commissioner Rosli Abdul Jabar, reflecting on Johari’s passing, acknowledged his outstanding commitment to the responsibilities entrusted to him. Despite his relatively short tenure as an exco member and state assemblyman, Johari’s dedication was evident and admirable. Rosli noted that Johari was not only respected by allies but was also greatly liked by opponents—a testament to his admirable character and principled approach to leadership.

Johari, a first-term Pelangai assemblyman, emerged victorious in the 15th General Election, a testament to his popularity and effectiveness as a leader. His subsequent appointment as the chairman of the state local government, housing, environment, and green technology committee underscored his capacity for impactful leadership.

Ahmed Wafiuddin Shamsuri, who contested against Johari in the last general election representing Pakatan Harapan, expressed a sentiment that transcended political differences. He praised Johari’s integrity and soul, revealing how their political rivalry never devolved into animosity. Ahmed recalled Johari’s poignant words of unity and collaboration on nomination day, illustrating his unifying spirit even in the face of political contestation.

In a poignant and heartfelt message, Ahmed declared, “Datuk Seri, I leave a prayer in sadness for this loss. Thank you for your unrequited service. Thank you for everything, especially in Pelangai.” Johari’s legacy remains an enduring source of inspiration, proving that even in the realm of politics, genuine dedication and unity can stand as a testament to the betterment of a community.

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“Davido should give me gift for graduating with first class from his daddy’s school” – 19 year old first class accounting graduate announce request



Tolulope Ekundayo, a 19-year-old Nigerian, has become the talk of the nation, earning widespread praise and admiration for her remarkable academic achievements. Tolulope recently graduated with First Class honors in Accounting from Adeleke University in Ede, and her journey has been nothing short of inspiring.

In her tweet,

“A first class graduate at 19! BSc Accounting Yeah I did thatFor someone who doesn’t post on this app 700 likes is a lot for me!!! But yes I got into Adeleke University at the age of 15 Please help me tag @davido. He should give me gift for graduating with first class from his daddy’s school.”

Despite her outstanding performance, Tolulope’s age has sparked controversy amongst netizens after she revealed gaining admission into the university at the age of 15.

Without further ado, the young graduate has requested a befitting gift from Afrobeat singer, Davido seeing as she graduated from his father’s university.
Internet users have flooded the comment section with congratulatory messages while some criticize her request from Davido.

See comments below,

@theladymotara Davido should give you money for not wasting your father’s money??😂😂😭No go dey prepare to “remove hair dressing” for camp

@talllizzy_girl Carry your certificate go look for job and stop begging davido for money

@Oma_GuGu Congratulations Tolu

@cookie__xx__ He should give you gift from graduating in his daddy’s school 😂??? You’re really your age girl!

@fadererah_ Congratulations

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“As una carry the matter for una head” Yul Edochie expresses joy as movie featuring him and Judy Austin hits 1 million views in one month



Nollywood actor Yul Edochie recently expressed his excitement and gratitude after a film starring him and his wife, Judy Austin, garnered one million views on YouTube within a single month. Edochie, who is also known for his inspirational messages on social media, took to Instagram to share his joy and thank everyone involved in the film’s success.

In his heartfelt post, Edochie began by acknowledging the divine influence in his life. “First, I want to thank God Almighty who gives life, talent, and blessings,” he wrote, emphasizing his deep appreciation for the opportunities and success he has experienced.

Edochie also extended his gratitude to his fans and his second wife, Judy Austin, for their unwavering support. “As una carry the matter for una head, na so God go dey carry una matter for head. God bless you all,” he wrote, using a mix of English and Nigerian Pidgin to convey his message.

The actor didn’t forget to recognize the efforts of the entire movie crew. He expressed his appreciation for their hard work and contributions to the film’s success. “And to all cast and crew who contributed to the success of this movie, more blessings and more hits for you all. WE MADE A MASTERPIECE,” Edochie concluded, highlighting the collaborative effort that went into making the film a hit.

This milestone is not only a testament to the popularity of Yul Edochie and Judy Austin but also to the power of teamwork and the support of a dedicated fan base. As the film continues to gain traction, Edochie’s message serves as a reminder of the importance of gratitude and recognition for those who play a part in one’s success.

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“Omo see as OBO dey smile like baby”- Fans react as Davido spends quality time with wife’s family members



After seeing the Afrobeats legend Davido with his in-laws and his recentlywed wife, Chioma Adeleke, fans’ perception of him has changed.

With the hashtag “Chivido” taking over social media, Davido’s much awaited wedding was the buzz of the country.

Celebrity guests were in abundance at the wedding, which took place in Lagos and included politicians, socialites, artists, actresses, and captains of industries.

Superstar musicians were also present to entertain the guests and treat the newlyweds to their first dance.

Amidst the intense excitement, suspense, and glitzy grandeur of the wedding planning, Gift James—possibly a member of Chioma’s esteemed family—made headlines when he revealed an enticing assortment of pictures.

These snapshots prominently feature her in the company of the celebrity power couple and other revered elders from her lineage.

In a particularly intimate capture, Davido exudes radiant joy, nestled in a cozy bedroom setting with his cherished in-laws.

This candid moment demonstrates the singer’s strong bond with his wife’s people.

With videos showing different moments during the wedding ceremony, where she interacted with Chioma’s parents and other notable guests and caught the spirit of the occasion, her TikTok page is a veritable gold mine of recordings.

Following the infrequent snippets of Davido cuddling with his in-laws and toasting to his union with Chioma, congrats fell in like rain.

Meanwhile, dissenting voices made their objections clear regarding the marriage.

In related new, A female guest at the lavish wedding ceremony of singer Davido and Chioma stunned everyone by showcasing the opulent souvenirs she was given.

On June 25, 2024, the much awaited wedding finally happened. Hundreds of celebrities, dignitaries, public figures, and notable figures from a range of industries attended the star-studded ceremony.

It was an absolutely remarkable event because of the guest list, which included governors, monarchs, senators, millionaires, politicians, and celebrities.

After the wedding, a female visitor shared the opulent mementoes she had been given on social media. A plethora of high-end products, such as an Infinix Power bank, speaker, watch, mugs, bag from River Island, personalized sketch, and many more, were included in the bridal bag.

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