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“This one na Azul abi na Azubuike” – Man bewildered as he sees Azul being sold by roadside.



In a perplexing turn of events, a man in a Nigerian city found himself utterly baffled as he stumbled upon the rare and expensive Azul being sold by the roadside. This discovery follows the disconcerting trend of an alarming increase in counterfeit drinks circulating in Nigeria.

Azul, a beverage reported to be produced in limited quantities, with only 100 bottles crafted each year, has garnered a reputation for its exclusivity and premium nature. However, a netizen’s recent encounter with this rare spirit being sold along the roadside has left many questioning the authenticity of such a find.

Expressing his surprise, the individual remarked on social media that he had finally witnessed the once highly esteemed Azul being made available at a humble roadside wine store. This revelation underscores the growing concerns surrounding the proliferation of fake and potentially harmful alcoholic beverages in the Nigerian market.

The incident further fuels discussions on the need for stringent measures to ensure the authenticity and safety of alcoholic products. With Azul being a symbol of luxury and scarcity, its unexpected appearance in a less conventional setting raises questions about the integrity of the beverage market and the potential risks consumers face.

As authorities and consumers grapple with the challenge of distinguishing genuine products from counterfeits, this incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of heightened vigilance in the face of the rising tide of fraudulent drinks in the country. It prompts a broader conversation about regulatory measures, consumer education, and the overall safety of the beverage industry in Nigeria.

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Mohbad’s Father Is A ‘Busybody’ – Lawyer Knocks Joseph Aloba For Demanding DNA



Naija News
Naija News
GIST: Mohbad’s Father Is A ‘Busybody’ – Lawyer Criticizes Joseph Aloba For Requesting DNA Test

A Nigerian family lawyer, Onifade Olamide, has criticized Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, labeling him a ‘busybody’ for demanding a DNA test to determine the paternity of his grandchild, Liam.
Controversy has surrounded the paternity of Liam, the only child of the late Mohbad, following his sudden demise.

Joseph Aloba has been in disagreement with Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi, over the request for a DNA test to establish whether Liam is indeed his grandson.

Joseph’s stance has sparked mixed reactions on social media, with some Nigerians supporting him and others opposing him.

During an appearance on TVC’s ‘Your View,’ Onifade Olamide explained that according to the law, once a man acknowledges a child as his own, no third party has the right to challenge the child’s paternity.

Olamide argued that since Mohbad acknowledged Liam as his son during his lifetime, nobody else has the legal standing to contest it.

She further stated that the court would likely not grant Aloba’s request for a DNA test since he is considered a third party in the matter.

Olamide elaborated, “Under the law, when a man and a woman are married, any child they have is presumed to be the biological child of the man unless proven otherwise.

This is known as the ‘Presumption of Legitimacy.’ In this case, Mohbad acknowledged the child as his own during his lifetime.

Once a man acknowledges a child, no third party can contest it. The grandfather, who is a busybody, is intervening despite his son’s acknowledgment of paternity

. If he goes to court to demand a DNA test, he will need to provide compelling reasons for it. However, since the person to dispute paternity, Mohbad, is deceased, it complicates the legal proceedings.”

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Jnr Pope: Family of crew member abandons son’s corpse after gathering N11.2m, make new claim



The family of Precious Ofurum, one of the crew members who tragically died in actor Junior Pope’s boat mishap, has found themselves in a difficult situation regarding the burial of their son’s remains.

Initially, the mother had appealed to the government for assistance in bringing her son’s body home, but subsequent events have taken a different turn.

After receiving a substantial sum of N11.2 million from concerned Nigerians, the father of the deceased opted for an alternative approach, indicating a reluctance to retrieve his son’s body from the Anam River.

Reports suggest that the family’s decision stemmed partly from concerns raised by the deceased’s landlady in Asaba, who complained about his spirit causing disturbances.

Efforts to support the family in this trying time have been made, with Pastor Jeremiah of Mercy Lounge contributing N10 million, and an additional N1.2 million raised through online donations.

Despite the Rivers state government’s willingness to assist, the family’s stance has left Precious Ofurum’s body still in the Anam River.

The situation took a surprising turn when it was revealed that Precious’s father, reportedly a traditionalist, sought guidance from a native individual who claimed to have invoked his son’s spirit into a calabash. As a result, the family seems inclined to follow the native man’s instructions, which involve burying the calabash in lieu of retrieving their son’s body.

Despite initial plans for the parents to retrieve their son’s remains on April 23, a family member conveyed their potential disinterest in doing so, highlighting the complex and challenging nature of the situation.

As it stands, Precious Ofurum’s body remains the only one from the tragic accident still in the Anam River, leaving unresolved questions surrounding his final resting place.

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“E still no go lead you to the promise Land oh”- Reactions as Yhemo Lee shows off shoe collections worth over N61M



Adeyemi Idowu, also known as Yhemo Lee, a prominent figure in Lagos’s social scene and a renowned social media influencer, recently caused a stir online with a video showcasing his extensive collection of shoes.

Known for his opulent lifestyle and penchant for flaunting his wealth, Yhemo Lee, who is also a well-established nightclub owner, spared no expense in revealing the contents of his lavish shoe closet to his followers.

In the video, he not only displayed his impressive array of footwear but also revealed that he employs a team of workers to maintain and clean his extensive collection.

The extravagant display of Yhemo Lee’s pricey shoe collection quickly went viral, prompting netizens to speculate about the staggering value of each individual pair.

Some expressed bewilderment at the sheer quantity of shoes owned by Yhemo Lee, questioning the practicality of owning such a vast assortment when it’s unlikely he could wear them all within a year.

Others took a more critical stance, urging Yhemo Lee to consider donating some of his excess shoes to charity rather than hoarding them for personal gratification.

Overall, Yhemo Lee’s video sparked a flurry of reactions, from admiration to scrutiny, shedding light on the complexities of conspicuous consumption and the responsibilities that come with wealth and influence in today’s digital age.

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